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Top Startup Trademark Mistake – Failure to Research and Protect the Business Name

For emerging businesses, the business name is often synonymous to its branding. The business name may be used in the first product name, domain name, and advertising. A lot of time, money, and thought can be expended while creating that … Continue reading

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Advantages of Trademark Registration for Startups

Recently I had a discussion with a business who had been using a trademark since about 2004. Unfortunately, it had not registered the trademark. In the meantime, another business had started using a similar version of the mark and also … Continue reading

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Trademarks and Infringement Concerns for Startups

Recently a suit was filed against Microsoft based on the name of its Bing search engine for trademark infringement and other bases. The complaint was recently filed, so a lot of information is not yet available. However, useful information for trademark and brand planning for startups can be gleaned from the news articles, court filings, and USPTO records, and company websites. Continue reading

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Trademarks – An Overview of the Registration Process

Frequently, the owner of those rights may choose to seek the advantages of registering the trademark. Typical steps involved in the registration process include:


performing a search

preparing and submitting the trademark application

and responding to issues raised by the trademark office
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